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Bounce House, Inflatable jumpers, slides & party rentals in CT.

We provide you with everything you need for a unique and fantastic party, delivered right to your door! Moonwalks are also known as moon bouncers, inflatable bouncers, bounce houses, and jumpers.

Double Lane Slip n Slide
12W X 33L X 10'H
$345.00 plus tax
22' X 18' X 10'
$350.00 plus tax
24' Wet/Dry Slide with "Slip 'n Dip"!
24' X 10' X 54'
$545.00 plus tax

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Tidal Wave
Wet/Dry Slide, 18'W X 24'H X 64'L
$565.00 plus tax

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Double Trouble
Wet/Dry Slide, 40'W X 24'H X 45'L
$675.00 plus tax

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Interactive Games
Rock Climb Challenge
Wet/Dry Slide, $575.00 plus tax

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The Hot Air Balloon

$260.00 plus tax
Bouncer combos- princess 4 in 1 with slide
13W X 23L X 15'H
$280.00 plus tax
Bouncer combos- Sports 4 in 1 with slide
13W X 23L X 15'H
$280.00 plus tax
Princess Castle
13' X 13'
$230.00 plus tax
Tinker Bell Jump
15' X 15'
$240.00 plus tax
Fun House
15' X 15'
$240.00 plus tax
Fun House
20W X 20L X 14'H
$290.00 plus tax
Duralite Tables & Chairs Rental
8' Table: $7.75 plus tax
Chairs: $1.25 each plus tax

Big Mama says:

Safety First!
Supervise children closely. Limit the number of children allowed in an inflatable jumper. Never allow older kids to jump with younger children.
Big Mama Says:
Moonwalks come in all shapes and sizes and well as styles and themes. They can safey handle 5 or 6 children weighing approximately 50 pounds.

Moonwalks are inflated using 3/4 to 1 HP blowers that sit in the back of the unit and force air in through a tube. So when planning the location of the bouncer, remember to allow for approximately 4 to 5 more feet to allow room for the blower. With that being said, the location of the moonwalk will need to be near an electrical outlet to power the blower. What? No power where you want to set up? No problem. We rent 5500 watt generators for $59.99 (fuel not included).